Commercial Carpet Cleaning




Whether your building or commercial space has just 100 square feet of carpet and only a handful of office chairs or 100,000 square feet of carpet and a conference hall full of upholstery, you’ll want to maintain your investment and keep your building looking and feeling healthy for residents, coworkers, and visitors alike.

We can tailor a maintenance program uniquely suited to your needs to maximize the lifetime and appeal of your investment and keep your facilities in top-notch condition. Trust Dri-Way, as so many others have, and put the power of an IICRC certified firm to work for you.

Got a Corridor Creep Problem?

No, ‘Corridor Creep’ isn’t some dude -it’s a term that describes how soiling patterns creep & grow throughout buildings over time if not checked with routine cleaning. It’s those embedded soils that have become ground into the carpet fibers and are no longer removed with vacuuming alone.

Choose Dri-Way for speed: Downtime is costly and frustrating. Your colleagues as well as customers do not want to be walking on wet floors and they especially do not want to be sitting on wet chairs! With Dri-Way, you are assured of the deepest possible clean and the fastest possible drying time. Only with our proven system your carpets can be clean, dry and ready for full use in as little as 30-90 minutes! Our professional upholstery cleaning in Victoria and surrounding areas can freshen up smelly and unhygienic office furniture, making them fresh and comfortable for employees and visitors alike.

Choose Dri-Way for health: Clean workplaces are happier workplaces. Cleaning your carpets, upholstery, and partition walls removes many of the sources of illness in your environment. However, bacteria, mold, & viruses can thrive in overwet carpet under-pad and upholstery foam. Dri-Way clients enjoy a visibly cleaner and healthier environment without resorting to any hazardous chemicals or noxious perfumes, fragrant cover-ups or gimmicks. Dri-Way only uses environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions.

Choose Dri-Way for security: Our powerful cleaning systems are fully self-contained. This means there’s no hassle of hoses snaking over balconies and open doorways to a noisy and polluting truck parked up on your curb or lawn for hours. With Dri-Way, your building is completely secure while our technicians are getting the job done inside.

Operations directors, strata council members, church deacons, and office mangers throughout Greater Victoria appreciate Dri-Way for these reasons and many more. We would love to earn your business too.

Your Dri-way Cleaning Experience​

==> Your Dri-Way cleaning experience starts when your experienced, polite, non-smoking technician arrives on-time for inspection of all the items to be cleaned. He’ll make special note of the areas and spots of most concern to you, give idea of what result will be expected, how long it should take, and verify your order before commencing any work. With us, there are no hidden fees. Period. In fact, each Dri-Way cleaning job includes everything that you’d expect with a Premium Service including sanitizing, deodorizing, and anti-resoil treatment.

Here’s what to expect: