Simply go from room to room and and jot down the basic footprint of each area using a simple Length x Width formula to learn the Square Feet (not inches, or metres). Don’t get too detailed about tiny nooks & crannies and little extra jogs or small bits… we always like to round down in your favour! You just need to get a general sense of the room sizes, and then match them up with the ones listed at our ‘Book Online’ link. This way, it’s a simple matter to build a Dri-Way cleaning order tailored to your exact needs.

>>NOTE: Pricing by the Room or Area assumes there may be some furniture or items in the room. With our unique Dri-Way method, you don’t have to completely empty the area. Our modern, ultra low-moisture techniques allow us to clean around and between any immoveable furniture or obstacles. Likewise, we can shift certain items around as required.

>>On the other hand, there is >No Extra Charge< if the room is empty, and we have access to clean the whole space wall-to-wall.  After you have selected the Rooms or Areas you determine are appropriate for your needs, we will set aside the correct amount of time to complete that job. The technician will not adjust the invoice on the cleaning day unless a drastic error has been made.