As a member company of the LMCCA (Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Association), we specialize in modern, ultra low-moisture methods that use about 5-10% of the water typical “wet-method” companies use. That means we never run the risk of over-wetting and use just a fraction of the amount of water and cleaning chemicals that others must use. Our methods tend to be a little more labour intensive, and can take a little longer time to complete, but we feel the results are superior -as do thousands of happy Dri-Way clients.

>> In the hands of a skilled operator any system can achieve excellent results, but after over 40 years in the industry and after using pretty much every method under the sun at some point, we feel the methods and techniques we have developed offer a unique and effective alternative for your consideration.

>> For most Fitted Carpets and some Area Rugs we use the SETT (Soil Extraction Transfer Technology) method that gently scrubs, loosens, and extracts embedded soils. For most upholstery and some Area Rugs we use a dry foam method that also gently scrubs, loosens and extracts embedded soils. Carpets typically are ready for full use in just 30-90 minutes, and upholstery can take up to 4 hours. For especially soiled areas the drying time can be longer but our tech will advise you on this before beginning your service.