Area Rug cleaning

Can you clean area rugs right in my home?

Yes. We clean your rugs in place right in your home -no matter what flooring surface your rug currently lays on: Linoleum, tile, marble, laminate and even hardwood floors are not a problem with the unique Dri-Way methods. There are some caveats however, so please check our Area Rug cleaning page under Services to find out more.

Can I drop off Area Rugs off to your shop for cleaning?

No. We absolutely never accept unscheduled drop-offs to our office under any circumstances. We currently do not offer in-shop cleaning services and provide 100% of our service on-site at your location.

Cleaning method and solutions

What methods do you use?

As a member company of the LMCCA (Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Association), we specialize in modern, ultra low-moisture methods that use about 5-10% of the water typical “wet-method” companies use. That means we never run the risk of over-wetting and use just a fraction of the amount of water and cleaning chemicals that others must use. Our methods tend to be a little more labour intensive, and can take a little longer time to complete, but we feel the results are superior -as do thousands of happy Dri-Way clients.

>> In the hands of a skilled operator any system can achieve excellent results, but after over 40 years in the industry and after using pretty much every method under the sun at some point, we feel the methods and techniques we have developed offer a unique and effective alternative for your consideration.

>> For most Fitted Carpets and some Area Rugs we use the SETT (Soil Extraction Transfer Technology) method that gently scrubs, loosens, and extracts embedded soils. For most upholstery and some Area Rugs we use a dry foam method that also gently scrubs, loosens and extracts embedded soils. Carpets typically are ready for full use in just 30-90 minutes, and upholstery can take up to 4 hours. For especially soiled areas the drying time can be longer but our tech will advise you on this before beginning your service.


Are your cleaning products eco-friendly?

Yes! The products we rely on are Green Seal Certified. Many products claim they are ‘green’ or ‘natural’ but in many cases these are simply advertising buzzwords. Only Green Seal is a government-authorized certification. These products must meet stringent protocols before being allowed to display this sought-after designation. Our plant-based cleaning solutions are hypoallergenic, neutral in PH, odourless, and contain no VOC’s.

>> In short, we only use products that we would use in our own homes and around our own children and pets. With Dri-Way, you can rest assured that your home’s carpets and upholstery will look and feel beautiful and clean, while knowing that you have made the best choice for your family’s health and that of our precious local environment.

What is different about a Dri-Way cleaning?

Your Dri-Way cleaning experience includes everything you need for a thorough, proper, and deep cleaning. Our experienced, uniformed, polite, non-smoking, and booty wearing techs will first walk-through with you to  assess the condition and expected results of the process. Don’t worry, our team is not on commission so there’s no awkward haggling and you’ll get all the steps other companies often skip or charge extra for. With our à la carte pricing menu tailored just for your needs, our price never changes halfway through the cleaning either -you’ll never find any hidden surcharges or nasty surprises on a Dri-Way invoice.
>> We first begin with a careful pre-vacuuming, followed by the application of pre-conditioners and treatments, paying special attention to trouble spots and areas of concern as required. The main extraction then begins with our unique multi-stage cleaning process, which incorporates sanitizing, deodorizing, as well as anti-resoil finishing treatment. We concentrate on the areas that need the most attention and our promise is to get your carpets, upholstery or area rugs into their very best condition possible. We do all this without using noxious chemicals or unnecessary perfumes… plus it’s dry in just a fraction of the time so you can get on with your day… we are Dri-Way after all!
>> Once we’re done and you’re satisfied with the workmanship and results, you will be presented with a complimentary, bottomless supply of our Non-Toxic Spot Remover. This will help to keep your items looking great and you get free refills forever!

Fitted Carpet cleaning

Can you clean ‘traffic areas’ and partial rooms?

Yes. With our modern, ultra low-moisture methods, we can easily clean around and between any immoveable furniture or obstacles. There’s no problem for us to ‘blend in’ between areas that have been cleaned and those not cleaned.

>> Pricing by the Room or Area assumes there may be some furniture or items in the room. With our unique Dri-Way method, you don’t have to completely empty the area. Our modern, ultra low-moisture techniques allow us to clean around and between any immoveable furniture or obstacles. Likewise, we can shift certain items around as required (see below).

>> On the other hand, there is >No Extra Charge< if the room is empty, giving us access to clean the whole space wall-to-wall.


Can you do ‘spot cleaning’ on fitted carpet?

Not per se. Our method lends itself to cleaning contiguous areas of fitted carpet within the Rooms or Areas that you have selected. Spots/spills/marks and other areas of concern that happen to fall into those contiguous areas will be dealt with by our regular cleaning, and will get extra attention and detailing as required. In a nutshell, we of course focus on the areas needing the most attention, but we do not ‘spot clean’ discrete areas on their own without charging for the entire Room or Area.

Getting ready for a Dri-Way cleaning service appointment

Preparing Fitted Carpet for cleaning

To prepare your Rooms or Areas for your Dri-Way service, simply remove all small items, ornaments and cluttery objects like lamps and such -you don’t have to empty the room with a Dri-Way cleaning!

>> Feel free to leave a reasonable amount of larger items such as sofas, chairs, and tables to be shifted back-and-forth during the cleaning by our technician. We’re happy to help, and there is no charge for this. Our technician will not move any pieces that are too heavy, too awkward, or have items on top of, or inside of them such as dressers, shelves, cabinets, desks, or electronics. However, if these pieces are completely emptied and sturdy enough, they can usually be moved easily. Beds and other large objects can *sometimes* be moved. Your technician will walk-through with you to determine what is to be shifted or left in place during the pre-inspection just prior to commencing the cleaning service.

>> There is >No Extra Charge< if the room is empty, and we have access to clean the whole space wall-to-wall.  After you have selected the Rooms or Areas you determine are appropriate for your needs, we will set aside the correct amount of time to complete that job. The technician will not adjust the invoice on the cleaning day unless a drastic error has been made.





Preparing in-home Area Rugs for cleaning

Ensure that the rug is fully rolled-out onto a flat surface. It doesn’t matter what flooring surface your rug currently lays on: Laminate, other carpet, and even hardwood floors are not a problem with Dri-Way. Ideally, there should be at least a foot of space around all edges of the rug.  The rug should be completely cleared of all items and no part of it can be tucked or folded under any furniture -if possible.

Preparing Upholstery for cleaning.

Ideally, there should be at least three feet of space around all sides of the upholstery to be cleaned, or at least room for our tech to maneuver the piece around to get at all sides -if possible.

>>Sectional Sofas: For us to be able to clean the back, sides, and in-between each section, the sectional MUST be prepared ahead of time by having the sections separated from each other and pulled away from the wall prior to the arrival of the technician. If not prepared in this way, we will clean whatever areas are immediately available for the same price as though the entire sectional is being cleaned.

Preparing Mattresses for cleaning

Ensure all clutter is removed from around the item and all blankets are stored away. Leave the mattress on the bedframe where it normally lays. Depending on the construction and build we may or may not be able to clean both sides.


What are your hours of operation?

We currently schedule all residential and commercial cleaning service appointments on weekdays only starting about 9AM until late afternoon. We normally do not schedule any jobs during evenings, overnight, very early mornings, weekends, or holidays.

Can you clean in high-rise buildings?

Yes. We can clean in any room, on any floor, in any building. Our unique, powerful, self-contained and modular equipment allows us to easily bring our gear up ordinary elevators. We don’t bother you or your neighbours with awkward hoses causing security breaches attached to noisy, polluting trucks. Dri-Way is efficient and unobtrusive.

Do you need to park your truck close by?

Not really. While it’s nice to park close by we don’t have to. We can park quite a distance away and simply roll our portable, self-contained modular gear right up to your door. We have no awkward hoses causing security breaches and tripping hazards attached to noisy, polluting trucks.

Can your trucks use underground parking?

Yes. We do have vans that are low enough to use underground parking.

Do you offer concierge service?

Yes. We often provide a convenient, no-charge concierge service when you need it. If scheduling is a challenge, please note that nobody needs to be home during the cleaning. While it is certainly ideal to perform a walk-through together with you before commencing and after completing the job, we are happy to make creative arrangements with you to gain access, complete the work, then lock-up afterwards.

>> Our trustworthy technician could meet with a friendly neighbour, find a hidden key, or use an access code that you provide. You could leave us a written note or hand-drawn diagram, and we can call or text with you upon arrival to make sure we’re taking care of those pesky coffee-spills beside the sofa. We can even feed the cat! As for billing, we only accept payment after you’ve returned home to see the workmanship and are fully satisfied with the service and results.

Pricing & minimums

How do you charge for services?

We use a very simple and clear à la carte pricing system that’s totally fair to you. Click on the Get your Custom Quote tab to quickly get a unique quote tailored to your exact needs.

What form of payment do you take?

We can accept cash, cheque, credit card, or e-transfer payments (preferred) upon completion. We only accept payment after you are completely satisfied with both the service and results.

What is your minimum price?

No job is too small, however, like all on-site service companies that drive from location to location, we have a minimum service-call price for doing any work at any location, no matter how little work is needed.

>> Our current Minimum Price is $275 for any on-site residential cleaning service appointment (for Fitted Carpet, Upholstery, or on-site Area Rugs).

>> Secondary Minimum: Items from each of our three service categories (Fitted Carpet, Upholstery, and Area Rugs) may be mixed & matched to ‘top-up’ to the minimum, however, a $120 Secondary Minimum will be charged for each new service category ordered (when below the primary minimum).




Do you give free estimates?

No. Our straight forward online pricing means it’s a very simple matter for you to select areas and items for cleaning and build your own accurate quote for residential service, and estimate (to be verified later) for commercial spaces. If you still feel you need an in-person, on-site inspection then that can be arranged for a fee of $120.

Upholstery cleaning

Can you clean just certain parts of my upholstery?

Not per se. When we clean upholstery we price to thoroughly clean the entire piece -the front, sides, back, and all the attached or purpose-built cushions… indeed all the ‘nooks & crannies’. We of course focus on the areas needing the most attention, but we do not ‘spot clean’ discrete areas just on their own. We charge for cleaning the entire piece as it appears on your order and cannot adjust the price down, even if we cannot access the entire item such as in the case of very heavy sofa or sectional sofa that cannot be moved.

Can I drop off Upholstery Items to your shop for cleaning?

No. We absolutely never accept unscheduled drop-offs to our office under any circumstances. We currently do not offer in-shop cleaning services and provide 100% of our service on-site at your location.