bad cat

Let me guess: Company’s coming in half an hour and ‘Toonces” has decided to improve your living room carpet’s appearance with several strategically-placed furballs?

 Well, grab a few cloths and your bottle of Dri-Way’s famous Non-Toxic-Spot-Fluid* and let’s get to work!



Plan A:

1. The key with any spot removal is to take action before it dries and sets in. Carefully scoop up any excess material and prevent it from spreading.

2. Once you’ve physically removed as much material as you can, begin laying down plenty of cloths or towels to gently absorb moisture. Don’t brush or rub sideways, apply steady downward pressure.

3. Take your bottle of  Non-Toxic Spot Fluid and (after first testing it in a hidden area) apply it full strength to an absorbent cloth or towel. Work moistened cloth from outside of stain or spotted area towards the centre to avoid spreading. Resist the urge to brush excessively as this can quickly distort the fibres leading to a permanent frizzed-up appearance.

4. Rinse the area with a different water-moistened cloth.

5. Repeat steps 4-5 as required.

6. Dry area by gently tamping with a third fresh, dry cloths


Still more spot left? Try plan B:

1. Moisten one cloth with our Non Toxic Spot Fluid and lay it completely flat over the entire stain. Ensure there are no folds or wrinkles.

2. Take several clean, dry cloths and lay them one by one completely flat on top.

3. Find a large, flat, sturdy object like a coffee-table book and lay that on top of your layered towels. Add more weight on top of that… as much weight as you can. Leave this compress in place for 5-24 hours.


Spot or stain still there after all that? Try plan C:

Plan C is to call us! We’d be happy to advise you over the phone if something more advanced is required here.