condominium or apartment buildings, office space, etc



^^ Use blue PLUS counter to equal up to the total gross square footage of all your Fitted Carpet flat areas plus any flights of stairs (as detailed below).

■ Dri-Way’s full, premium service, on-site Commercial Fitted Carpet* cleaning always includes for no extra cost: Thorough pre-vacuuming, pre-treatments, special attention to marks, stains, and areas of concern. Sanitizing, deodorizing, and anti-resoil protector is also part of each cleaning -without noxious chemicals or unnecessary scents. After you’re thrilled with the service and results, you will be presented with a complimentary, bottomless supply of our Non-Toxic Spot Remover.

*If your commercial request also includes an Upholstery or Area Rug component, use those residential items separately.

>> Minimum price is $500 for commercial spaces (see below for details) <<

>> We do not provide evening, nighttime, weekend, or holiday service <<

FLAT AREAS: (Corridors, hallways, foyers, meeting rooms, office space, etc) First, add-up your total gross square footage for all the flat rooms, areas, and other common areas needing Fitted Carpet cleaning.

Our square foot pricing for commercial spaces assumes there may be some furniture, items, obstacles, or otherwise inaccessible portions of your rooms or areas. With our unique Dri-Way methods, you don’t have to completely empty the area. Our modern, ultra low-moisture techniques allow us to clean around and between any immoveable furniture, desks, electronics, wiring, or any other obstacles.

On the other hand, there is >No Extra Charge< if the entire area is empty, and we have access to clean the whole space wall-to-wall. After you have selected the Square Footage that matches your total gross square footage, we will set aside the correct amount of time to complete that job.

STAIRS: Each flight (one storey) of steps between floors is assessed as 200 square feet each for pricing purposes. For example, a stairwell going from a ground floor up to a fourth floor comprising three flights (ground to two, two to three, three to four) would be assessed as 600 square feet (200’x3).

■ Pricing is based on standard, synthetic and (most) wool Fitted Carpet. Extra charges* may be applied for certain fabrics such as raw wool, cotton blends, or exotics.

■ Issues such as urine, smoke, odour contamination, or other specialty staining, marks, or concerns may incur extra charges* and fees starting from $120 per item.

█ COMMERCIAL MINIMUM PRICE: Our current minimum price for commercial spaces is $500 for any on-site cleaning service appointment.

While no job is too small, like all on-site service companies that drive from location to location, we have a minimum for doing any on-site job, no matter how little work is needed.

Secondary Minimum: Items from each of our three service categories (Fitted Carpet, Upholstery, and Area Rugs) may be mixed & matched to ‘top-up’ to the minimum, however, a $120 Secondary Minimum will be charged for each new service category ordered (when below the primary minimum).

There is no-charge for this online price Estimate, however, any in person, on-site inspections, assessments and quotes are priced at $120 each and are arranged by special appointment only.

*The price provided for this commercial space is for Estimating Purposes Only. We will verify all pricing and any extra charges before creating your official Dri-Way Price Quote.