extraordinary treatments and extractions for urine, odour, etc




For situations involving problems such as urine, faeces, vomit, blood, odour, smoke, and other special circumstances.

>> Minimum price is $275 (see below for details) <<

■ Intense issues of contamination, or other specialty staining, marks, or concerns may (depending on the severity) incur extra charges and fees starting from $120 per item/area. These types of issues can be very challenging and while we tend to achieve excellent results, we cannot predict or guarantee the result of any particular treatment. The technician will always try to provide you an idea of expected results upon arrival for the cleaning appointment just prior to commencing service.

NOTE: In most cases, our regular cleaning methods will take care of minor issues of concern without this extra charge. However, when the issue is deemed to be somewhat severe, these types of specialty charges may be estimated at the time of scheduling the cleaning appointment by telephone or text, or when booking online. Such charges must always be confirmed and approved by the technician upon arrival at the cleaning appointment just prior to commencing the service. Our technician may decide to remove this charge if the issue is judged to be minor.

█ MINIMUM PRICE: Our current minimum price is $300 for any on-site cleaning service appointment. No job is too small, but like all on-site service companies that drive from location to location, we have a minimum for doing any on-site job, no matter how little work is needed.

Secondary Minimum: Items from each of our three service categories (Fitted Carpet, Upholstery, and Area Rugs) may be mixed & matched to ‘top-up’ to the minimum, however, a $120 Secondary Minimum will be charged for each new service category ordered (when below the primary minimum).

*Any extra charges will be assessed by the technician upon arrival at your cleaning appointment just prior to commencing the service.