use blue PLUS counter to add up to the total square footage of your Area Rug (s)



Loose Area Rugs for cleaning right on-site at your location.

■ Dri-Way’s on-site Area Rug cleaning always includes for no extra cost: Thorough pre-vacuuming, pre-treatments, special attention to marks, stains, and areas of concern. Sanitizing, deodorizing, and anti-resoil protector is also part of each cleaning -without noxious chemicals or unnecessary scents. After you’re thrilled with the service and results, you will be presented with a complimentary, bottomless supply of our Non-Toxic Spot Remover.

>> Minimum price is $275 (see below for details).

NOTE: Area Rugs must not be too flimsy for in-home service. They must be constructed on a sturdy backing material or mesh to be suitable for our on-site methods. If you can gather it up in your arms in a bunch, then it’s too floppy for us and perhaps should go for an in-shop cleaning service, or even perhaps a laundromat for cheap or thin mats.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: We absolutely >Never< accept unscheduled drop-offs to our cleaning shop under any circumstances.

■ Measuring Area Rugs: For square or rectangular rugs, it’s just length X width. For circular rugs its Pi x R squared: Here’s where you finally get to use Pi! First, figure out the radius -the distance from the centre to the edge, in feet. Then multiple that number by itself (squared). Then take the new number and multiply by 3.14 (the value of Pi) to get your square footage… Fun!

If your in-home cleaned Area Rugs are a few inches over a whole foot number, just round down to the nearest whole or half foot. We always like to round down in your favour!

■ Preparing for your in-home Area Rug cleaning: Ensure that the rug is fully rolled-out onto a flat surface. It doesn’t matter what flooring surface your rug currently lays on: Laminate, other carpet, and even hardwood floors are not a problem with Dri-Way. Ideally, there should be at least a foot of space around all edges of the rug. The rug should be completely cleared of all items and no part of it can be tucked or folded under any furniture -if possible.

■ Issues such as urine, smoke, odour contamination, or other specialty staining, marks, or concerns may (depending on the severity) render your rug unsuitable for on-site cleaning service. Suitability for cleaning is determined by the technician upon arrival for your service appointment just prior to commencing your cleaning service.

■ Pricing is based on standard, synthetic and (most) wool Area Rugs. Extra charges* may be applied for natural fabrics such as raw wool, hand knotted, silk, cotton blends, or exotics.

█ MINIMUM PRICE: Our current minimum price is $275 for any on-site cleaning service appointment. No job is too small, but like all on-site service companies that drive from location to location, we have a minimum for doing any on-site job, no matter how little work is needed.

Secondary Minimum: Items from each of our three service categories (Fitted Carpet, Upholstery, and Area Rugs) may be mixed & matched to ‘top-up’ to the minimum, however, a $120 Secondary Minimum will be charged for each new service category ordered (when below the primary minimum).

*Any extra charges will be assessed by the technician upon arrival at your cleaning appointment just prior to commencing the service.