As an essential cleaning & sanitizing service, the Dri-Way team is ready for on-site residential and commercial appointments, while vetting all jobs and following correct Covid protocols.  

-We disinfect our equipment with hospital-grade solutions between each service.

-We use certified products that fight against pathogens including those from the corona group.

-We wear fresh gloves & booties for each job site and wear filtered face masks where appropriate.

-We include safe, eco-friendly sanitizing as part of every Fitted Carpet, Upholstery and Area Rug cleaning service.

As a professional cleaning provider, we are available to serve while taking all necessary precautions. We are vetting all jobs ahead of time and postponing any appointments that would not allow us to exercise best practices as understood in the cleaning industry, or as directed by local authorities.

In short, Team Dri-Way is ready to serve you whenever you’re ready for us!