rugz    So, your beautiful area rug needs a cleaning but you are shocked by the great expense and hassle of getting your rug taken away for days or weeks?

Relax, Dri-Way can help you with this.

  We expertly clean and beautify area rugs right where they lay in your home, no matter what surface they reside on. For just a fraction of the cost of the in-plant cleaning companies, we rejuvenate your area rugs to get them deeply clean, dry, and ready for full use almost right away!

  Our proven low-moisture methods are Wool-Safe, Green Seal Certified, and are compatible with natural and vegetable dyes. Our hypoallergenic cleaning solutions do not contain noxious chemicals, VOC’s or unnecessary scents. We restore the beauty of your Indian, Oriental, Turkish, Chinese and even your most precious hand-knotted Persian area rugs. We clean virtually any fibre including nylon, acrylic, wool, silk, sisal, sea grass, and mohair. World-renowned rug manufacturers endorse our cleaning methods for the care and maintenance of museum-grade designer rugs.

  First, our technician will assess your rugs with a ‘hands & knees inspection’ to determine their fibre & construction and to verify they are indeed suitable* for our methods. He will pre-test for colour fastness and provide you an expectation of results. If it’s a “Yes”, and upon approval by you, he will safely treat your fine rugs with the utmost care -with no risk of shrinkage, colour loss, warping or dye bleeding. Rest assured, there will be no damage to the underlying surface. We clean your rugs in place no matter what they’re laying on top of -even laminate, hardwood, and cork flooring is no problem for Dri-Way.

  Your technician will determine the exact price right ‘down-to-the-penny’ before commencing any service. You’llwoolsafe get the premium service each and every time, and you won’t be surprised by any hidden fees or surcharges on the bill. After the cleaning you’ll be invited to inspect your rejuvenated area rug and will be given a FREE bottle of our Non-Toxic Spot Fluid to help keep your rug looking it’s best between major cleanings.


Call Dri-Way today at 250-475-2468 to arrange your own area rug cleaning.


*Some rugs or situations are just not suitable for a variety of reasons and an in-plant rug cleaning specialist may be suggested. There are several excellent rug cleaning shops in Greater Victoria to choose from. In their controlled environments, they can apply more services than can ever be done in your home. With your rug under their care for a 1-3 week period, they have the time and space to select from a variety of cleaning techniques including dust and grit shaking, full immersion washing, and centrifuge rinsing. With time and space on their side, they can even try one method one day, then return to your rug the next for specialty stain treatments if required. In-plant cleaners offer moth abatement, colour correction, repairs, fringe replacement, and much more that simply cannot be done in your home. If it’s in-plant services that are needed for your rug, we highly recommend Luv-A-Rug -they are hands-down the best area rug specialist in the region.


Warning: Beware of cleaners who offer to use wet or ‘steam’ methods to clean area rugs in your home. HWE (hot water extraction) may be a useful technique in the controlled environment of a cleaning plant, but can lead to disaster when used improperly in the home risking damage to your valuable rugs and the floors beneath.